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What world would we live in if everyone simply chose love?

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Mel, a good friend of mine, recently posted the following on Facebook. It struck a chord with me, so much so that I obtained permission from Mel to share it with you, as I’d like to pose the same question also.

“Funny how the end of a year makes you all reflective and philosophical (though truth be told I’m both most of the time). Here’s what 2012 has taught me. The only thing that has any true value in life, the only thing that matters at all, or ever makes a difference of any lasting kind, is love. There’s a reason I don’t spew frustration, irritation or even hate on here or in life generally (at least, not often!). I choose not to add harshness to the world if I can avoid it. I choose to offer up peace, compassion, kindness, tolerance, love – or if I’m struggling, to just breathe and be silent until my heart is open again. I wonder what world we would live in if everyone simply chose love.”

This makes perfect sense, to me at least. My take on Mel’s musings is if we want to add value to our life and our community, conversations based on love is the true way of achieving this in a meaningful and sustaining way. The Law of Attraction informs us that what we focus our thoughts and feelings on and what we put out to the world is what we get more of.

It seems quite empowering that I can positively impact both my life and the people and community around me simply by communicating love through my thoughts, words, and actions.

I’d welcome your thoughts and feedback?

Regards, Marcus



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